Martin Kupski
Modeler - Lighter - Shader - UI Artist

Full name: Martin Miroslaw Kupski

Born: 1986 – 06 – 24

Martin has been working mostly in the VFX industry but has been working on games as well and even tought students about art. Titles he has been involved in span from movies and games such as; Hellboy 2, 10.000BC, Hitman Absolution, Mortal Online, Coke Zero commercials and Lego. Just to name a few… together with companies such as Ghost, Double Negative, IO Interactive, Gimmick, Postyr and Wil Film.

Martins passions in life is to be creative. This is his biggest drive and passion. Either in food, art or just enjoying creativity in other venues such as movies and games.

A large chunk of self dicipline combined with strong time management makes Martin a perfect team player. He has a good independent working ability and great organizational skills.

At the moment Martin is working on his biggest and most ambitious project to date. He is the Creative Director and Designer on the title doing all in-game art assets and User Interface; Acaratus, a competitive turnbased tactics game for PC. You can play/read more about it here http://store.steampowered.com/app/376410


Please feel free to contact me to discuss any opportunities you may have.

Kind Regards / Martin Kupski