Get in touch if you need a 3D Generalist or Graphic Designer with 10+ years experience in both films/commercials and games.


3D Generalist & Graphic Designer

Full name: Martin Miroslaw Kupski
Born: 1986 – 06 – 24
Who am I?
I was born 1986 and currently live with my girlfriend + ninja cat in Uppsala. I have a strong passion for creating worlds and making something tangible with them. I am mostly a digital artist but I was trained in the classical mediums back in school so i have a passion for the old school sculpting and painting too.


I Love being out in nature and having different kinds of experiences to feed my creative hunger. To see more of what inspires me from day to day check out my twitter feed =)
What I do
9+ years as a 3D generalist has given me experience in wide range of areas – 3D asset creation, UI art, VFX, post production, video games, as well as project and team management.
My biggest passion in life is to be surrounded by creative people and to have inspiring projeects to work on. This could range from cooking food to making games! I enjoy relaxing thoughtful periods where my mind can go wild for example while reading a good book or watching an awesome movie. 
A large chunk of self dicipline combined with strong time management makes me a perfect team player. I have a good independent working ability and great organizational skills.


Biggest Achievement
My biggest achievement to date is founding Nodbrim Interactive in conjunction with designing and managing a team of 8 in all fields for our first PC title called Acaratus.
Publishing, distributing the title, handling marketing materials, creating all ingame 3D art, UI assets and more..
Acaratus is A turn based tactical rpgs with mechs that you build yourself. more info available on our official site.
It’s now available on steam!  http://store.steampowered.com/app/376410