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Past Titles



2013 – Current Nodbrim Interactive

Acaratus, Creative Director/UI Design & Art/Game Design/Art

2012 IO Interactive

Hitman Absolution, UI Design Consulting

2009 – 2010 Starvault

Mortal Online, UI Artist/Level Designer/Modeler



2012 – 2013 Campus i12

Matte Painting course – Held a class of 15 students teaching basics of Matte Painting tecniques and digital art in general.



2013 – Current Wil Film

LEGO CITY, Modeling/Shading/Lighting/rendering/Animation/Comp

LEGO FRIENDS, Modeling/Shading/Lighting/Rendering/Comp

LEGO STAR WARS, Modeling/shading/Lighting

LEGO NINJAGO (additional content) Environment art/Lighting/shading/Rendering

2012 – 2013 Postyr

DR Paa Stoffer, Modeling/Lighting/Rendering

DR Homolesbians, Modeling/Lighting/Rendering

2011 – 2012 Gimmick VFX

SDLG, modeling/Environment art

LEGO Ninjago, Environment art/Lighting/Compositing

2006 – 2009 Ghost VFX

Stimorol, Modeling/Matte Painting/Comp

Coke Zero, Matte Painting/Comp

Gori, Modeling/Animation/Matte Painting

Grand Marnier, Modeling


I can offer a range of artistic services for your company or for personal projects. Mail me info about what you need and i will answer with price and availability.