Acaratus UI art and Marketing


Wanted to show you what ive done so far on our game. You can read more about it on our site (that i created) here some of the icon sets an end screen for the game a loading screen view map created for the menus



Started work with the awesome team at Tension in Falun a week ago and loved it! Working on an exciting videogame and cant wait to tell you more about it…

ACARATUS site live


Proud to show of the progress of the game me and Kristoffer Lindström are developing for PC! Check out the site for more info and follow us on facebook!

Tutorial: Extraction

Here is a small tutorial on how to extract objects such as tree tops from the sky with clean lines. This is the way i’m working and get the best result this way but there are probably many other ways of doing it.   so what i want to do…

Lego Ninjago Work

Here are some Spots and commercials i worked on when i worked at Gimmick VFX

(Environment art and Lego Logo animation/rendering and compositing)


(Environment art)

(Environment art)

(environment art)

Old Room


Visit my stream at twitch to check out how i did this scene using UDK, Maya, Mudbox, Crazybump and Photoshop!    

Streaming my art


if anyone wants to check out how i do stuff and or just want to have some inspiration you are welcome to join my stream at   available here:

Work work work

Working on a site development for Pink Guru. Working on my company and the Prototype we have going. For more info check out: nodbrim interactive Also booked for work at Gimmick as environment artist 7th of May

Having a class


Having a matte painting class in Eksjö this Tuesday & Wednesday at Campus i12! Want me to talk about matte painting? Contact me